VNS Helping COVID-19 Patients Get Back on their Feet

VNS Helping COVID-19 Patients Get Back on their Feet

With scores of Covid-19 patients being discharged from hospitals to their homes, VNS Westchester’s home care team is serving as the next line of defense to help these patients recover from the lingering symptoms of the Coronavirus.

It often “takes a village” to bring a Covid-19 patient to full recovery. While VNS nurses manage symptoms such as respiratory distress, their therapists help patients get back on their feet following debilitating fatigue.  VNS home health aides assist with basic activities of daily living, such as meals and showering.  Social workers are available to help patients get groceries and medications, to navigate their telephonic doctor visits, and even manage their bills.

All staff have advanced training in infection control to avoid the spread of infection, and they go to great lengths to educate patients and their families to ensure the home becomes a safe haven for recovery.

With shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), staff have become very creative in filling gaps. Some of our nurses have used their DIY skills to transform donated isolation overalls into usable protective gowns. Others have solicited donations of brown paper bags from supermarkets to use for safe storage of equipment between home visits. Our home health aides have used shower caps and rain ponchos to shower patients.

VNS staff is there to support patients in ways that go above and beyond standard patient care. At a time when patients are feeling isolated, VNS’ home care team is there to provide comfort, care and compassion. They are helping to allay fears, while providing much needed hope to all during this difficult time.

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