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BCW Legislative Agenda

Join the Business Council of Westchester’s Legislative Agenda

The Business Council of Westchester (BCW) is the county’s largest and most prestigious business membership organization representing more then 1,000 members, including multinational corporations, hospitals, universities, biotech pioneers, not-for profits, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes. As the county’s only business membership organization focusing on advocacy and economic development, the BCW’s members enjoy unparalleled accessto today’s top thought leaders, diverse business development opportunities and lawmakers at all levels of government.

The BCW’s members represent over 200,000 employees in Westchester County and beyond. Most importantly, the members continue to help drive the county’s economy in creating economic growth and jobs. The BCW is proud of its open, inclusive and collaborative culture which is fostered through the involvement of its members and the strong leadership and dedication of its Board of Directors. Many of the BCW’s members conduct business on a regional, statewide, national and international level, which has served to create opportunities for business growth in Westchester and throughout the Hudson Valley.

Governmental Action Council

The mission of the BCW’s Governmental Action Council is to provide leadership in public policy and involve our members in helping to advocate for economic opportunity in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley.

The BCW’s Governmental Action Council will:

  • Educate and inform the business community about relevant
    county, state and federal policy issues.
  • Review county, state and federal legislation and regulations to assess potential impacts on the business community.
  • Influence public policy out comes through advocacy when the business community’s interest may be affected.
  • Serve as an information resource and clearinghouse for the business community and governmental leaders.
  • Leverage public policy issues and legislation to promote business growth and create a more competitive business environment.
  • Look beyond the borders of Westchester County and the Hudson Valley to address issues impacting the business community.


The economic health of Westchester County is dependent upon our county government making the right decisions to ensure fiscal stability for the future. The county budget should send a strong message to the business community that the county’s fiscal house is in order and that it will protect its bond rating, which is critical to attracting and retaining employees.

The BCW works with Westchester County on many issues such as:

  • Coalition for Westchester Airport
  • Workforce Development
  • Green Business Partnerships
  • New Association Partnerships
  • Leaders in Sustainability Speaker Series
  • Recognizing Green Business Achievements

The BCW will again remind county government that Westchester prides itself on having a strong vibrant workforce. We have employers who are committed to their employees. Passing legislation that becomes direct mandates and cause unintended consequences to businesses sends a message to employers, that in Westchester County, government will determine how they manage their workforce. Creating that type of environment will not help bring more permanent jobs to Westchester.


The BCW advocates that state government work to remove burdens and obstacles that prevent economic growth and job creation by stressing that the impact on taxes, business fees, burdensome regulatory requirements and lengthy approval processes cause real issues for creating new jobs in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley.

The BCW works with New York State on many issues such as:

  • Economic Development
  • Empire City Casino by MGM Resorts
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Child Care
  • Healthcare
  • Education / Higher Education
  • Criminal Justice


The BCW has consistently urged Congress to adopt common-sense tax reform to simplify the process and lower rates for businesses and individuals. The new limits on state and local tax deductions will have a chilling effect on the state’s economy and the BCW urges Congress to continue to monitor this fluid situation.

The BCW works with Westchester county on many issues such as:

  • The BCW supports investing in federal R&D programs that help businesses develop new technologies that then create new private sector jobs
  • The BCW once again calls on Congress to reduce federal regulatory burdens to ease bureaucracy with which businesses and nonprofit organizations alike continue to struggle
  • The BCW urges for additional funding for the STRANDED (Sensible, Timely Relief for America’s Nuclear Districts) Act to assist municipalities and localities with the loss of property tax revenue following the closure of an electric generating facility.
  • The BCW continues to support the reauthorization of the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, which provides an increased focus on the academic achievement of career and technical education students and strengthens the connections between secondary and postsecondary education.

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The Business Council of Westchester is committed to helping businesses market, learn, advocate, and grow. Over 80 events and programs are offered every year, giving our members ample opportunity to connect and meet with businesses representatives in the Westchester community and beyond.
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