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Westchester Walk Like MADD

In just a few weeks time in Oct. I will walk in Westchester with MADD to honor my parents life & death by a drunk driver. I am determined to see that this unimaginable horror & loss never impacts any of you.

I’m not going to sugar coat this ..2022 has been a devastating year for drunk driving fatalities and life altering injuries largely due to the impact of after effects of covid. We are at a 22 year HIGH in drunk driving crashes with a life altering crash every 45 minutes in the US.

I struggle with the loss of my parents because it was untimely, it was violent, and it was 100% preventable. They should be here sharing their lives with all of us.

Being on the frontlines as a working National Board Member for MADD & a spokesperson & advocate for MADD NY/NJ/PA I see & hear the devastation every day. That is why I am asking for your help to support me in my walk for my parents. We can & must do better!! Through the leadership & mission of MADD, I will continue to advocate for ALL OF YOU!! I wish I could rewind the clock and bring my parents back but I can’t. However through your support I can lend my voice with MADD to work with law enforcement to keep our streets safe, continue to work with our legislators both on the Hill & here in NY to advocate for stiffer penalties and to protect the rights of victims who have been traumatized again & again by our failing criminal justice system.

I ask for your help to stand by me so I can stand by all of you and we can work toward that day when this 100% preventable crime stops violently taking away the innocent lives of our very own loved ones.

With extreme gratitude & love to you all for your help. With your support I promise to work harder and smarter to make sure you never know the unimaginable that so many of us have had to face when we shouldn’t have to at all

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