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May 19, 2021—Free Live Virtual Class! The Focus Zone featuring Paul Weston

Register now for FREE access to participate in a sneak preview of Crestcom’s latest live-facilitated, interactive leadership development class: Time Management: The Focus Zone Featuring Paul Weston

Do you thrive by multi-tasking and feel more efficient by doing several things at the same time? Do you work on a specific project while also responding to incoming emails? Do you do it well? Think again.

Neuroscience research provides evidence that the brain cannot actually do several tasks simultaneously. In fact, when you are multi-tasking, the brain is just switching from one task to another. There is a start-stop-restart process that happens in our brain that is taxing on our mental and physical energy. This process actually causes us to be less efficient and make more mistakes, causing rework because we are distracted.

Gain a better understanding of how distractions affect our ability to be focused on the task at hand. Single-tasking is the new multi-tasking. This program is designed to help busy professionals implement strategies that fuel efficiency and maximize focus. You can lead your team from burnout to breakthrough with a fresh perspective to minimize distractions, maximize focus, and complete your work without sacrificing quality!

By participating in this session, you will learn how to:
• Recognize the cost of distractions in the workplace.
• Apply the 8 principles of The Focus Zone to improve productivity.
• Create a focused culture in the workplace by implementing a system.

Session Primer: Think about an upcoming priority that requires focus; a project, strategic initiative, writing a book, etc. How many “tabs” do you have open on your computer that expose you to distractions from your required work? In what ways can you minimize those distractions?

In this 2- hour, live-facilitated class, you will be asked to participate in group activities and interact with the instructor and other attendees. HERE!

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