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Citinet Solutions Creates Electronic Health Records Solution

Citinet Solutions, which elevates business processes and relationships through technology solutions, announced today that it has completed the digital transition to electronic health records (EHR) for the medical center at a boys’ boarding school.

The web-based implementation, which was the second phase of work at the Lincoln Hall Boys’ Haven in suburban New York City, has cut paperwork time in half for the medical center, which serves about 200 students.

It is expected to diminish transcription errors, save time, increase staff efficiency and provide an audit trail. It also overcomes illegible handwriting, improves documentation for regulatory compliance and will become the backbone for the medical center’s inventory control and logistics.

The transition to digital aligns with the national trend toward EHR as a primary means of decreasing deaths and prescription errors attributable to faulty medical records.

“The new solution is secure and traceable as a digital record. It shows all alterations to a file and is a safe, privacy-protected way to share information,” said Lincoln Hall’s Nirosha Fernando, who helped Citinet map the needed processes. “We’re up to date with the way hospitals do it now.”

Creating a workflow to eliminate a chart of nine tabs and 25 forms for each student was one of the most intensive tasks. Because it was paper and had to be stored securely to meet patient privacy requirements, only one person at time could access the paper files.

With the digital version, the records remain secure but the forms can be accessed simultaneously by more than one user.

“That kind of relational database, with so many concentric circles, was the biggest challenge in the workflow – it was massive. It took about six weeks, and it came out beautifully,” said Citinet CEO Edward Zaremba, who led the Lincoln Hall implementation.



Citinet Solutions was founded in 2004 as the first Apple Computer authorized business agent in Westchester County, New York, and the second in New York City. Citinet’s wide range of skill sets allows it to tap into a suite of capabilities; from acute listening, designing custom software and dashboards, creating company-wide workflows, innovative automation, to measurable reporting metrics and analytics. We believe in hands-on only; no outsourcing, never. Citinet is a member of the Westchester Business Council and the FileMaker Business Alliance. – Electronic Health Records Help School Increase Efficiency and Decrease Errors

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