Increase in Reverse Commuters Good News for Westchester Employers

Increase in Reverse Commuters Good News for Westchester Employers

An increase in the number of reverse commuters in Westchester is a sign that business is thriving in Westchester, according to a recent report in the Journal News.

About 2,900 – or about 40 percent of the total number of riders at White Plains Metro-North station during the morning commute – are so-called reverse commuters.

Marsha Gordon, president and CEO of The Business Council of Westchester, said commuters are coming to Westchester from the city to work because of the opportunities available in the area. The reverse commute, she added, is reflective of the growth of opportunity in various sectors.

“There is a great reverse commute which I’m sure did not exist 10 years ago,” Gordon said. “As there’s more and more industry in Westchester, more and more growth in all the sectors…we’re seeing that there are job opportunities in Westchester that people are willing to commute here for.”

Overall, New York City is providing a source of talent for Westchester County employers, Gordon said. That talent is essential to the workforce, and it’s her hope that the area can give employees something in return.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc., a biotechnology company headquartered near Tarrytown, is a good example of a workplace accessible to reverse commuters, Gordon said.

As far as transportation goes, Gordon said commuters are “fortunate” to have the Metro-North. In contrast to New York City’s public transit, she said, it offers “a pretty reliable and comfortable alternative for people.” Even with on-time performance dropping, she said, it’s “still pretty on time.”

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