Feeding Westchester Volunteers Go Above and Beyond During Pandemic

Feeding Westchester Volunteers Go Above and Beyond During Pandemic

During the Coronavirus pandemic Feeding Westchester responded to the greatest need and demand it’s ever seen for food in the county. In addition to providing food for so many who were unemployed, the county’s leading nonprofit, hunger-relief organization, fed seniors shut in their homes and children who were no longer receiving free or reduced breakfast and lunch at school. None of this could have be possible without their loyal volunteers.

Jacquie Broth, Mount Kisco

Jacquie, who is celebrating 10 years as a volunteer at Feeding Westchester, puts in 40-50 hours a week and is working harder than ever during this crisis. She is dedicated, has a quick wit and a great sense of humor. Jacquie doesn’t get paid, but shows up Monday through Friday to move, inspect, sort and pack food to be sent out throughout Westchester County. She also uses a power jack like a pro! Jackie says, “You never know what’s going on behind your neighbors’ door. What’s the cost for someone to do something like this? Time? A little sweat equity? It’s all good!”

Heidi Seruya, Scarsdale

Heidi is a longtime volunteer who has continued to come in during the crisis to help feed her hungry neighbors. Heidi’s help has been instrumental at Feeding Westchester’s onsite, drive-thru food distributions, as well as at its mobile food pantries throughout the county. Heidi is also resident pantry manager, ensuring the pantry is always fully stocked and varied for Feeding Westchester’s 300 partners.

Steve DellaVecchia, Thornwood

Steve joined Feeding Westchester less than a year ago as a volunteer. He comes in every morning to help move, sort and pack food, BEFORE heading into his full-time job at Leros as a dispatcher. Wherever Steve is needed, he is there! He helps everyone from the warehouse staff to the Operations Team. Steve says, “Hungry people can’t take a day off, so why should I?”


Bob Covello, White Plains

Bob hasn’t been with Feeding Westchester for long, but he been indispensable, especially during this pandemic. If he isn’t breaking down boxes, he is outside assembling bags for weekly food distributions. He loves to help, get his hands dirty and does a mean set of push-ups against the National Guard to keep them on their toes.

Specialist Blaize Deillon, New York National Guard

While serving on mission for Coronavirus-2019, Specialist Blaize Deillon was assigned to Feeding Westchester. Within one month of becoming the truck driver, Specialist Blaize Deillon doubled the amount of goods delivered by the site. His hard work impacted the community by greatly increasing the number of families provided meals. He took responsibility of transporting more than 100,000 pounds of canned/dried produce, 50,000 pounds fresh meats, and 15,000 bagged meals. He was a key contributor to the packaging and delivery of 3,246,740 pounds of product one month. His contribution directly affected this mission by enabling Charlie Company to double the amount of families being fed in Westchester during on-site distribution.


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