Entergy Continues to Invest in Indian Point in Advance of 2020-21 Shutdown

Entergy Continues to Invest in Indian Point in Advance of 2020-21 Shutdown

Entergy’s Indian Point Unit 3 nuclear power plant began its 20th and final refueling and maintenance outage when control room operators removed the reactor from service on March 11.

Entergy is investing over $70 million in the plant during the refueling outage, which demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to Indian Point through permanent shutdown. The company announced in January 2017 the permanent shutdown of Unit 2 by April 30, 2020 and Unit 3 by April 30, 2021.

“The investments we are making at Unit 3 over the next several weeks demonstrate Entergy’s continued commitment to the highest standards of safety and reliability,” said Tony Vitale, site vice president and Entergy’s top official at Indian Point.  “Our dedicated employees, whether they have worked at the site for four years or 40 years, are focused on making the last refueling our best ever. The nearly 60-year history of safe and reliable operations at the site is our legacy.”

About 900 skilled tradesmen and women contract workers will supplement nearly 1,000

Entergy employees during Unit 3’s outage to complete the refueling and other maintenance projects, which include:

•    reactor head inspections

•    comprehensive baffle bolt inspections (on a removable liner inside the reactor)

•    reactor coolant pump seal replacements

•    laser scans of the reactor head seal seating surfaces

•    multiple pump and motor replacements

•    emergency diesel generator preventive maintenance

Entergy has invested more than $1.3 billion in safety and reliability enhancements at Indian Point over the past two decades to ensure the generation of hundreds of millions of megawatt hours of nearly carbon-free power. Through philanthropic support, volunteerism, and environmental stewardship, Entergy has donated tens of millions of dollars to local community organizations throughout the region.

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