BCW Member Is Making Shields in COVID-19 Effort

BCW Member Is Making Shields in COVID-19 Effort

Richard Ellenbogen, a Business Council of Westchester member and owner of Allied Converters in New Rochelle, is using his plastics business to help in the coronavirus pandemic. Ellenbogen is making about 20,000 plastic shields per day for hospitals around the country, saving them money and putting people to work.

Ellenbogen said that when an employee came to him asking if the company could make shields for healthcare workers, he quickly directed the factory’s production to making the shields. They are now working 6 days a week.

“We recognized the face shield shortage and we have a lot of the materials in stock since we make the strips that go around the ice cream cakes for the grocery store market,’’ said Ellenbogen. “So, I called the local hospital and offered them our help.”

Ellenbogen said that they have shipped 45,000 shields to Montefiore Hospital in New Rochelle, and that he has plans to ship additional shields as the hospital needs them.

Marsha Gordon, President and CEO of the Business Council of Westchester, commended Ellenbogen, and praised him for his innovation.

“What Richard is doing is a perfect example how private enterprises like Allied Converters can come to the rescue to assist government in a crisis,’’ said Gordon. “We are very proud of him and of the many BCW members who have come forward to volunteer their services at this time of great need.’’

Ellenbogen said that his factory is putting people to work who need jobs and is saving hospitals money.

“The fact that we are able to save them money is gratifying,’’ he said. “There are a lot of companies who are trying to gouge the healthcare people.”

He added, “There is a time and place to make money, and this is not it. This is one where you just have to chip in and do what you can.’’


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