Yonkers Arts brings first Black Lives Matter Mural to Westchester

Yonkers Arts brings first Black Lives Matter Mural to Westchester

Yonkers Arts has Brough a Black Lives Matter Mural to City Hall in Downtown Yonkers.
(Yonkers, NY, August 29th, 2020) – Yonkers Arts brought a Black Lives Matter Mural to Downtown Yonkers. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to developing the artistic community and impact through the arts in the city of Yonkers, NY.

The project, spearheaded by Executive Director, Ray Wilcox, who is an African American felt it was paramount that we brought this project to the city of Yonkers. “Knowing the history of our city and its’ race/racism dynamics, the mural will spark conversations on both sides of the spectrum and that’s how we can start creating resolutions for change,” says Ray.

The mural is was slated to take the full weekend of August 27th but as done in a matter of 12 hours with the hard work and dedication of the community and our volunteers on South Broadway between Prospect Avenue and Hudson Street.

Yonkers Arts strategically created the mural campaign so that the organization wouldn’t benefit from tax-payer’s dollars and fundraised utilizing grassroots collaboration with a cohort of local community organizations creating impact for the betterment of the city.

The collaboration also birthed the opportunity to form a community ‘action’ panel comprised of these community leaders that continue some of the conversations on issues directly affecting the community.

According to Ray, “Yonkers Arts aims to accomplish our new aggressive and ambitious agenda through collaborative execution. I feel through these ‘organic’ partnerships we, along side the City of Yonkers, will continue to create the impactful opportunities for creatives within the city of Yonkers.”
Yonkers Arts was founded in 2007 by a collection of community leaders who perceived the need for an all encompassing arts organization for a city the size of Yonkers. The founding board was comprised of community leaders from across Yonkers. The mission of Yonkers Arts is to develop a strong, effective, and cooperative network of artists, cultural organizations, and members of the community to promote and encourage the arts in the City of Yonkers. For more information, please visit: www.yonkersarts.org

https://www.lohud.com/story/news/local/westchester/yonkers/2020/08/31/yonkers-gets-black-lives-matter-mural-outside-city-hall/5658489002/ – Black Lives Matter mural outside Yonkers City Hall spurs dialogue on movement

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