Wartburg’s Director of Admissions Completes Leadership Academy

Wartburg’s Director of Admissions Completes Leadership Academy

Jamilah Greenidge, Wartburg’s Director of Admissions for their rehabilitation center and nursing home, has successfully completed LeadingAge New York’s Ignite Leadership Academy. The graduation was held at LeadingAge New York’s annual meeting in Saratoga.
“The Leadership Academy helped me to look within myself to figure out what my core values are and what is really important to me,” said Jamilah. “The fellows in my class, our coaches, and all of the leaders that I’ve met through the Academy are the most amazing and passionate people. Networking with them, learning about what they’re doing differently and bouncing ideas off of one another has helped me, and will continue to help me, as a leader.”

Wartburg believes in providing the training and opportunities for upward mobility for their employees. Jamilah has been a member of the Wartburg family for more than 20 years, first as a receptionist then a lead receptionist after which she moved upward as a resident services coordinator. She began in the Admissions Department as a supervisor and then, taking on more responsibilities, is the current Director of Admissions. As a frontline ambassador for Wartburg’s incoming patients and residents, Jamilah is dedicated to making everyone feel like family, including our employees, which is why she chose employee engagement as her “Action Learning Project.” Utilizing what she learned at the academy, Jamilah was required to conceptualize a project which forwards an improvement or innovation to their organization while honing leadership skills for fostering organizational innovation and learning. Jamilah’s project specifically addresses how to sustain a collaborative work environment, employee appreciation events, town hall meetings with the president and a newsletter highlighting what is happening at Wartburg to keep employees informed.

“My facility can be an example of how to successfully engage employees,” said Jamilah. It is all about creating a work friendly environment whereby both the employee and the organization can benefit in a profound way.”

The Ignite Leadership Academy is a professional development program designed to facilitate the development and growth of transformational senior living leaders. This three month intensive program takes place throughout the state with three day trainings on becoming a more authentic leader by creating their own unique leadership legacy, understanding what it means to be a visionary leader who embraces culture change and innovation, learning how to adopt the practices required for networking and partnership building within and outside the organization and managing energy levels for high performance and model behaviors that enhance personal credibility.

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