Reopening Your Workplace and the Six-Feet-Office

Reopening Your Workplace and the Six-Feet-Office

The 6 Feet Office: Helping you Adjust to a New Normal

Certain phrases surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked global conversations, the most notable being social distancing – the entire world now understands the importance of staying six feet away. Across the globe, we’re in different stages of experiencing the pandemic. But, as we begin visualizing life after COVID-19, we must begin to think about the new normal and how we will adjust.

“The 6 feet rule” isn’t going away any time soon and we at Cushman & Wakefield understand how critical it is to normalize this guideline into everyday life. Eventually, we will all return to work, but we must not forget this golden rule.

We’re here to help you prepare for the return to the office. We’re here to help you maintain social distancing while creating an effective workplace. We’re here to help you embrace the new normal.

Introducing the 6 Feet Office. 

CLICK HERE to Watch the video to learn more about The 6 Feet Office

Contribute to the 6 Feet Office Project. Contact us to learn more.

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