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Author: The BCW

Gov. Kathy Hochul Honored with BCW’s Global Leadership Award

BCW Chairman Jamie Schutzer, Gov. Kathy Hochul and BCW President & CEO Marsha Gordon   

Gov. Kathy Hochul told more than 500 business leaders at the Business Council of Westchester’s Annual Dinner on Wednesday that Westchester County has been and remains an economic engine for the state due to investments in education, biotechnology and media arts.

“What I’m seeing in Westchester, young people are being educated at some of the top schools in the country and they want to stay. And as a result of that, there are more businesses coming here because they have so many talented people to choose from,” said Gov. Hochul. “Witness the confidence that business leaders have in this county when they can go anywhere in the country. They’re building their futures, and they are expanding right here in Westchester.”

Gov. Hochul told attendees that Westchester—and all of New York—must build more housing to remain competitive. “When you bring people here for these great jobs, they have to live somewhere. And this is an area where I want to applaud Marsha and all of you for standing with me and stating what is so obvious to most of us, we are behind in building housing in our state. Counties outside of here, in Connecticut, and New Jersey, they’re building at such a faster rate, that’s where the young people are wanting to work and live because they can afford the housing,” said Gov. Hochul. “Supply and demand. If we have more supply, the prices come down, which means more affordable housing,” Gov. Hochul said.

“I believe that we can lean into building more housing, and Marsha, again, it took courage for you to support our package, and say, “Our businesses need this. And we will stand with you.” And I appreciate it so much, your standing with us at that time,” Gov. Hochul added.

Gov. Hochul was presented BCW’s prestigious Westchester Global Leadership Laureate Award in recognition of her lifetime of achievement in New York.

“Under her leadership, Gov. Hochul spearheaded comprehensive policies and initiatives to help New Yorkers and their families while building an economy that is stronger and more inclusive than before,” said BCW President and CEO Marsha Gordon. “She has made historic investments in the people, places and things—from healthcare to small business and from working families to infrastructure, education and workforce development.”

The BCW also gave outgoing New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson its Legacy Award for his transformational leadership. “His administration has the lowest crime rate in generations, the best bond rating in 80 years, major new investments in roads, parks and infrastructure, a comprehensive focus on our environment and the most ambitious downtown in the city’s history,” Gordon told attendees.

In a surprise announcement, Gordon told the audience that the BCW will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) in 2024. “The goal for AI is to be able to recognize patterns, make decisions and judge like humans. It will impact the process in which we manage health care, finance, communications, banking, HR, and every facet of our lives in ways we cannot even conceive,” said Gordon.

Gov. Hochul said AI should be New York’s future. “There’s no reason why New York state, and with Westchester leading the way, cannot be the AI capital of the nation because no one else has claimed that yet. I see some open space there and I know we have the smart enough people and the innovative enough people and companies who can make that happen. That’ll be another magnet for more and more jobs to keep coming here.”

For a video of Gov Hochul’s address visit:

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