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BCW Podcast Network Is New Audio Destination for Business Professionals

From left, Andrew Castellano, President & CEO, Sharc Creative; BCW Executive Vice President & COO John Ravitz, Amanda DePalma, Senior Vice President of Events and Development; BCW President & CEO Marsha Gordon; Linda Tyler, Vice President of Membership & Programs; Kaleigh Garraffa, Administrative Assistant and Samantha Cepin, Events & Operations Manager

The Business Council of Westchester is expanding their communications platform by launching the BCW Podcast Network, a new audio destination for business professionals. The BCW Podcast Network debuted this week with inaugural episodes of six empowering shows, covering a wide range of topics and genres that are trending in the business community. Starting in May, additional episodes of shows will be released throughout the month on Tuesdays and will be available everywhere podcasts are heard. These podcasts are professionally produced by Purchase based Sharc Creative Inc. and will feature engaging discussions, thought provoking content and insightful commentary.

“The BCW is proud of the work it has done to create a vibrant business landscape. We recognize that this community deserves dynamic and versatile content, so we have created the BCW Podcast Network to champion our unique perspective. We are launching with an impressive slate of six shows that that will enlighten and empower not only our community, but like-minded business enthusiasts who want to be in the know,” said BCW President and CEO Marsha Gordon.

Under the direction of Executive Producer Amanda DePalma, the BCW Media’s monthly podcast shows include:


Leadership is an art, a science, and a journey. “Leadership Unleashed” with your host Dr. Marsha Gordon explores the multifaceted world of leadership through insightful interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and practical advice from leaders throughout Westchester County and beyond. From leadership styles to personal development, our podcast equips you with the knowledge and inspiration to become a more effective and impactful leader in your field.

Inaugural Guest:  Joshua Ratner: Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth) and Chief Executive Officer of  HealthAlliance of the Hudson Valley (HAHV)


In this fast-paced world, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Welcome to “What’s Trending?” with hosts Dr. Marsha Gordon and Amanda DePalma. This will be your go-to podcast for staying informed about what’s trending in the ever-evolving landscape of Westchester and beyond. Join us as we explore the latest in events, trends, and innovations. From cutting-edge technologies to fashion, from wellness to entertainment and from emerging markets to leadership insights and sustainability initiatives, this podcast covers it all. Each episode features in-depth discussions with experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who share their perspectives on the trends that matter most. Whether you’re a seasoned business professional, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply curious about the forces driving economic change, “What’s Trending?” has something for you.

Inaugural Guest: Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson: Partner at Thompson & Bender


Dive deep into the world of advocacy with “Advocacy Unplugged.” Join host John Ravitz and a roster of influential guests as they dissect critical policy issues, explore the art of advocacy, and share insights on how to make your voice heard in today’s ever-changing political landscape. This podcast will be covering issues that affect the business community on all levels of government. Also, 2024 will be an important election year, with the balance of power in Washington D.C. up for grabs. The show will discuss the key political races in Westchester County, New York State and the nation that will have a major impact for the business community. Whether you’re a seasoned advocate or just starting, this podcast equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to drive meaningful change and understand the dynamics at play in our state and federal government.

Inaugural Guest: Paul Zuber: Executive Vice President of the Business Council of New York State


Hosted by Linda Tyler, this podcast will introduce the perspectives of both newcomers and seasoned members, provide valuable insights into spotlighting their unique business offerings and focus on how to build a thriving community and foster a supportive network. From mentorship to integration strategies, this show is your guide to meeting the wide variety of diverse & talented business professionals within the Business Council of Westchester.

Inaugural Guests:  Bobby Harris, Co-Owner of The Barley Beach House Rye/Owner The Barley House Thornwood. Mark Mathias, Co-Owner of The Barley Beach House Rye, Owner Lightbridge Academy Scarsdale


Welcome to “WIN: The Innovation Roundtable,” the podcast that explores the dynamic world of innovation, creativity, and groundbreaking ideas. In a rapidly changing landscape, innovation is not just a buzzword—it’s the driving force behind progress, growth, and transformation in Westchester County and beyond. Join us on a journey through the frontiers of innovation, where we uncover the stories, strategies, and remarkable individuals shaping the future. Each episode is a window into the minds of innovators, inventors, and disruptors from diverse fields, spanning technology, business, science, arts, and beyond. Discover the secrets behind groundbreaking inventions, learn about the challenges of bringing new ideas to life, and gain insights into the mindsets of those who dare to challenge the status quo. This is your source for inspiration, knowledge, and actionable takeaways to fuel your own creative endeavors.

Inaugural Guest: Dr. Jeannette Mahoney, CatchU and Associate Professor of neurology and Associate Director of the Division of Cognitive and Motor Aging at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine


“Talent Trailblazers” brings you face-to-face with industry leaders and visionaries who have mastered the art of talent acquisition, development, and retention. Host Larry Gottlieb delves into the strategies, tools, and stories that fuel successful talent management. Whether you’re an HR professional, business leader, or aspiring talent expert, or university, this podcast is your go-to resource for unlocking the full potential of your organization and understanding how to crack the code of your talent acquisition needs.

Inaugural Guests: Brian Amkraut, Vice President and General Manager for Workforce Credentialing and Community Impact at Mercy University and Shawn O’Riley, Vice President, Professional Education, Interdisciplinary, and Special Programs at Pace University

Click here to listen and learn more about the podcast series visit:

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