Lessons in Leadership: What I learned from StarPower

Lessons in Leadership: What I learned from StarPower

Leadership is not something you’re born with, but something you learn. That’s the message that some top leaders had for aspiring leaders on May 15 at the latest session of StarPower Leadership Program, a 10-month professional development program offered by the BCW and run by long time career coach and Business Council member, Laura Powers, President of Mt. Kisco-based Powers Career Coaching, LLC.  At the 4th session of StarPower leaders like Corporate Real Estate Advisor Timothy Donohue, Senior Associate, CB Richard Ellis, Inc.; Jeffrey Haydon, CEO of Caramoor Center for Music & Arts, Inc.; Maria Bronzi, Director of Altium Wealth Management in Purchase and Joseph McCoy, Regional Manager/Senior Vice President, People’s United Bank gave some advice on leadership.

Here’s some of the important takeaways thanks to Steven S. Cardinali, CPA, Maier Markey and Justic,  Gregory Bautista, Wilson Elser and Jonelle Ward, Alzheimer’s Association who took some great notes on the program to share with us.


What do you think is the number one quality of a leader?

  • Integrity (JM)
  • Connectivity between people and mission statement (MB)
  • Thoughtful intuition (JH)
    • Having vision, entrepreneurship, and recognizing opportunities
  • Trust-worthiness (TD)
    • Being able to leverage and delegate to your employees
    • Leadership by example
  • Emotional intelligence- an understanding of one’s self; including values, triggers, weaknesses, strengths, etc.
  • A clear mission and the foresight to execute it.
  • Authenticity


What do you think is the number one mistake of a leader?


  • Lack of listening (JM)
    • No one cares about “me me me”. Listen to what the client wants
  • Too large of an ego (JH)
  • Not continuing to learn, or not “sharpening the saw” (MB)
  • Lack of empowerment/lack of giving up power (TD)
    • Cyrus the Great built the Persian Empire by delegating and sharing power


How to develop a good organization/develop motivation


  • Make sure people are in the roles that fit their strengths
    • Get the right people on the bus and into the right seats – Jim Collins in Good to Great
  • Do not micromanage


Career Development


  • Focus on your strengths and develop teams (TD)
  • Do not leave our job for more money (MB)
    • Read Do What You Love and the Money Will Come
    • Have a multitude of counselors to bounce ideas around
  • Have a vision. Beware that hot jobs often change (JH)
    • Having personal vison ensures that you stay true to your career goals
  • Find a mentor (JM)


Things to remember

  • A rising tide lifts all boats (career development)
  • Give out more in value than you receive in payment (client services)
  • Take people out to lunch and learn from them (career development)


To sign up for StarPower, call Amanda DePalma at 948-2110 x 312 or visit the BCW website at www.thebcw.org


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