June 5th- Breakthrough! for Women Leaders on the Fast Track

June 5th- Breakthrough! for Women Leaders on the Fast Track

Breakthrough!for Women Leaders on the Fast Track

Cultivate strengths
Accelerate career development
Retain key women leaders
Build competitive advantage

Want to unlock your talent potential by leveraging women’s unique leadership attributes? We’ve
discovered the catalyst that propels key talent to the next level by leveraging technology, executive
coaching and the latest in neuroscience.

Program Elements:

Feedback-intensive, including a 360-degree assessment and video-taping.

Membership- in a cohort of women leaders to share insights, ideas and inspiration.

Coaching – one-on-one coaching to stretch thinking and challenge assumptions.

Skill Development- in critical areas such as strategic thinking, maximizing your impact and
navigating the organization.

Program Design:

Assessment and Goal-setting:

Comprehensive evaluation, including 360-degree review
and a meeting with management to determine development goals.

One day, in-person experience. Participants articulate their value proposition
and gain feedback on their professional presence through videotaped presentations.

Monthly Meetings:

Through in-person and virtual sessions, participants hear cutting-edge
speakers on key topics and report in on progress against goals.
Individualized Coaching: Six hours of coaching to address unique development

Continual Reinforcement: Daily mobile notifications to keep goals top-of-mind and
inspire change.

Who Should Attend:

Women with 2-4 years of leadership experience who are on the fast track to greater responsibility.
What Participants Will Gain:

Increased self-awareness, confidence and presence
Knowledge to overcome roadblocks and limitations
Strategic mindset and enhanced decision-making capabilities

Dates and Location

Kick-off Meeting: June 5, 2018 in Norwalk, CT; 6-month program runs through December 2018.
Assessments to be completed in May 2018.

$8,000 reduced to special one-time rate of $6,500 for pilot session.

Contact Denise (914) 844-1382 or denise@leadership-possibilities.com to find out if this program is right for you!


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