Delicious brownies and a human-focused staffing model created a boomlet, even during trying times

For many in the food industry and the nonprofit sector, 2020 was beyond challenging. Yet in Yonkers, New York, a bakery staffed by those considered “unemployable” by others cranked out 40,000 pounds of brownies daily and managed to provide jobs to people who previously faced barriers to employment through its Open Hiring® staffing model and workforce development program.

When you add it all up, Greyston created approximately $11 million in positive economic impact in the local community, created in large part by its Greyston Bakery Open Hire employees, 80% of whom reside in the area.

A magic formula? Yes – one that’s focused on offering a path forward to anyone seeking a job, regardless of background or history. According to Greyston CEO Joe Kenner,