Green Business Partnership

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Join the BCW’s Green Business Partnership (GBP) to reduce your impact on the environment in a measurable and meaningful way. What’s more, you’ll earn a prestigious green certification, access to exclusive resources and benefits, brand-building recognition, and those oh-so-important bragging rights.

SPECIAL OFFER when you join the The Business Council AND The Green Business Partnership at the same time
Receive 20% off of your first year of BCW membership when you join both programs. This offer is for companies with 5 or fewer employees. To take advantage of this offer:
1. Contact Linda Tyler, ( 948-2110 x304) at the Business Council to let her know that you plan to join both programs. You will be billed $360 for your 1st year membership fee (includes 20% discount; normally $450).
2. Visit to join the Green Business Partnership and submit payment online.

The GBP’s digital toolkit allows you to integrate sustainable business practices into company operations. You and your team will learn exactly where resources are wasted and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and save money. You will have access to the GBP’s proprietary performance tools to calculate the economic and environmental impacts of energy, travel, waste, water and refrigerants in an organization, while staff surveys gauge behavioral impacts.

You’ll have everything you need to set policy, take action and measure performance in 7 key areas:

  1. Organizational Commitment – Leaders set policy (template provided) and share with staff to encourage their participation in helping the organization incorporate sustainability into business operations.
  2. Energy – Calculate the economic and environmental impacts of energy used in your organization. Plan ways to minimize usage, shift to renewable sources and explore available funding and incentives to move your operation toward an affordable clean energy future.
  3. Materials Management – Waste & Recycling – Examine your organization’s waste stream including volume and cost and learn to reduce waste at the source, reuse wherever possible, and recycle the balance.
  4. Materials Management – Green Purchasing – Review current purchasing practices to determine what items can be eliminated or reduced. Learn about eco-friendly alternatives.
  5. Transportation – Calculate the economic and environmental impacts of business travel, employee commuting and company fleet on your organization and implement environmentally preferable alternatives.
  6. Land Use – Implement sustainable land use practices that remove toxins, reduce water usage, and minimize flooding.
  7. Water – Calculate the volume and cost of water used by your organization and learn to reduce water usage through water efficiency and water efficient products and practices.

Get Started

The sooner you begin, the sooner you will start to realize the many benefits of sustainability. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join online
  2. Access and customize your company dashboard and invite employees to participate
  3. Conduct an employee survey and complete the Green Action List and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (Need help with this? Contact us about our internship program).
  4. Submit your Final Presentation
  5. Achieve Green Business Certification
  6. Spread the news, with our help

The Green Business Partnership (GBP) was founded in 2009 by the Business Council of Westchester and Westchester County as the Westchester Green Business Challenge. In 2014, we expanded to offer an official green business certification. In 2017, responding to widespread demand for access to our turnkey system, we relaunched as the Green Business Partnership and made the program available to businesses throughout New York State.