Diamond Properties, a commercial real estate and management company, is demonstrating leadership in renewable energy in the northeast with its latest rooftop solar photovoltaic installations at three of its properties in West Nyack, NY, Watertown, CT, and Danbury, CT. One of the sites, West Nyack, now hails as the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic system in the state of New York at an impressive size of 2,497 kilowatts. With the sites in production since last fall, Diamond Properties has more than doubled its solar portfolio in the span of a year.


The solar investments made by Diamond Properties allow its tenants, local businesses, to benefit from solar energy while reducing their electric bills. “I don’t think that tenants choose a building just because it’s got solar power, but I think when they’re evaluating their options, and all things being equal, a green building is always appealing,” said Jim Diamond, CEO of Diamond Properties. Solar at the Watertown