D&D Elevator Maintenance Opens New Training Center in Yonkers

D&D Elevator Maintenance Opens New Training Center in Yonkers

D&D Elevator Maintenance, winners of the 2018 Hall of Fame Small Business Success Award, recently celebrated the official opening of a new training center in Yonkers.

Bob Schaeffer, CEO and president of D&D Elevator Maintenance, which is based in Elmsford and operates the new training center, told the Westchester County Business Journal that he’s confident the center will help fill industry’s need for highly skilled elevator maintenance technicians while opening up career opportunities for many who otherwise would never have been able to secure such well-paying jobs.

The Elevator Learning Center is located at 200 Corporate Blvd. in South Westchester Executive Park. The 2,500-square-foot facility includes workshop areas with elevator mechanical equipment for us in hands-on training, in addition to classroom space and even high-definition video streaming allowing students to interact with instructors via the Internet.

Schaeffer further told the Business Journal that the Elevator Learning Center is in talks with the Yonkers school system about creating programming for the Saunders Trades and Technical High School. This would give students exposure to career opportunities resulting from elevator maintenance technician training.

“We’re struggling to bring in new talent,” Schaeffer told the Business Journal. “Most kids today are opting for college degrees rather than the trades, so it’s very important to deliver education and give incentives for these kids to be part of this trade, the elevator industry.”

Watch a video from opening day via the WCBJ.

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