Why Explore Alternate Sources of Talent?
In Westchester County, many factors such as the historically low unemployment rate, ongoing talent war, and focus on gender diversity all point to connecting leading companies with the Vermilion Talent community.

About Vermilion Talent’s Job Board
Vermilion Talent is pleased to announce the launch of a Job Board , connecting you directly with our pool of talented, professional women in the Tri-State area.

The Vermilion Talent Pool
Vermilion Talent’s candidates are:
• Educated: 100% have Bachelor’s Degrees + 50% have Master’s Degrees
• Professional: The majority has 10+ years of work experience
• Broad representation across industries and business functions: HR, Ops, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Finance, Accounting, Creative, Legal, etc
• Loyal, motivated, and bring a level of emo