BCW Urges PSC to Approve Holtec for Indian Point Decommissioning

BCW Urges PSC to Approve Holtec for Indian Point Decommissioning

Continuing its ongoing advocacy on issues relating to energy, The Business Council of Westchester is strongly urging the State of New York Public Service Commission to approve Holtec International Subsidiaries for the decommissioning of Indian Point.

“The BCW feels it is important that the focus on ensuring that the decommissioning, site restoration and spent fuel management of Indian Point be done in the safest manner. That means having a company that has the most experience take on this important role. The BCW believes that Holtec International Subsidiaries is the right company to accomplish this delicate and technical work,” said BCW Executive Vice President and COO John Ravtiz in a statement read at a virtual hearing held Wednesday.

Ravitz noted that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and its independent experts have already determined Holtec has the financial and technical qualifications to decommission plants in New Jersey and Massachusetts, in addition to Indian Point. “Holtec has made the case that they can decommission Indian Point decades sooner than Entergy’s plan which would require SAFESTOR for an extended period,” he said, adding, “Given the realities of such a choice, between prompt decommissioning and SAFESTOR, the BCW believes the approval of this transfer to Holtec is in the public interest.”

Ravitz said that selecting Holtec will facilitate the remediation and restoration of the site sooner rather than later, providing the possibility of new economic activity at the site.

“The BCW’s senior management have met with Holtec officials. We are impressed with their proven track record of taking on the same type of responsibilities that they will now need to do at the Indian Point property,” he said.

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