BCW Member Bantam Tools helps to create ventilators in COVID-19 Crisis

BCW Member Bantam Tools helps to create ventilators in COVID-19 Crisis

Bantam Tools, which relocated to Peekskill from the San Francisco Bay area, has received 67 applications in three days inquiring about its offer to volunteer use of its milling machines. This ranges from a fire department in Westchester County to hospitals, universities’ research groups and applicants in other countries.

The machines which Bantam agreed to donate the use of are portable, computerized design machines that can create everything from valves for ventilators to components for medical personnel’s face shields. Bantam Tools makes the advanced machines, which are small enough to sit on a desktop and that designers and engineers use to fabricate three-dimensional prototype products.

Bantam Tools was founded by entrepreneur Bre Pettis, who is also known for co-founding MakerBot, a manufacturer that helped to pioneer 3D printers. Bantam Tools’ desktop milling machines are used to design everything from motherboards for tech devices to products crafted by jewelry designers. The company has said more than 150 university labs and maker spaces worldwide use the machines, including New York University and Stanford University, as well as companies and organizations.

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