BCW Data Exchange Challenge

BCW Data Exchange Challenge

Earlier this month, The Business Council of Westchester unveiled an important new tool for business in Westchester: The BCW Data Exchange. With thousands of facts about Westchester, the BCW Data Exchange is helping Westchester residents get to know more about their communities and more importantly, is a vital tool for economic development. This week we challenge you to learn more about Westchester’s schools with this quiz:

  1.  Which school district in Westchester has the largest number of students?
  2.  Which district spends the most per pupil on its students?
  3.  The highest graduation rate is enjoyed by which Westchester school district?
  4.  Which district pays its teachers the highest median salary?
  5.  Which district had the highest combined SAT Scores in 2016?

You can find the answers by visiting the BCW Data Exchange

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