BCW Continues to Lobby for Reform of Scaffold Law

BCW Continues to Lobby for Reform of Scaffold Law

Following up on support for reforms outlined in its 2019 Legislative Agenda, the BCW this week joined with a coalition in urging Governor Andrew Cuomo to include reform of the Scaffold Law in his 2020 Budget.

In the letter, signed by the BCW as part of a nonpartisan coalition, the group urged Cuomo to reform New York State Labor Law sections 240 and 241, which imposes absolute liability for elevation-related injuries on contractors and property owners engaged in construction, repair, or demolition work. New York is the only state in the nation that has retained this archaic law.

“The Scaffold law in its current state has caused millions of public dollars to go to waste. The law inflates the cost of general liability insurance on all construction projects in New York State. The Rockefeller Institute of Government estimated that the Scaffold law costs $785 million in public funds each year,’’ said the letter from the Scaffold Law Reform Coalition. “You have spoken in favor of Scaffold Law Reform in the past. We urge you to turn those words into action.”

John Ravitz, Vice President and CEO of The Business Council of Westchester, said that the BCW has been lobbying for reform of the Scaffold Law and it has been including in the BCW’s Legislative Agenda.

“Adopting this reform would save millions of dollars and lower the cost of construction, making public and private projects more affordable,’’ said Ravitz. “We are urging the Governor to take action this year.’’

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