OPEN HIRING: Learn How This Hiring Model Benefits the Bottom Line

OPEN HIRING: Learn How This Hiring Model Benefits the Bottom Line

Are you an essential business hiring rapidly to meet the needs of the COVID outbreak? Or, are you a non-essential business faced with reducing the size of your workforce and planning for how you’ll regain your foothold on the other side of the crisis?

Greyston is inviting businesses across Westchester to replicate our innovative model of Open Hiring, where we hire employees with no questions asked – no resumes, no interviews, no background checks, etc. Through our model, we create opportunities for people who face barriers to employment and provide them with services they need to be successful once hired. Most companies spend a lot of time and money screening people out. Open Hiring shifts investment and human resources into training, learning and development, benefits, and employee support. Our bakery is proof that it works. We produce 8 million pounds of world-class baked goods annually for companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Whole Foods.

Through our Center for Open Hiring, Greyston now teaches companies to successfully implement Open Hiring programs that invest in human potential and fuel bottom-line success. Greyston is seeking visionary partners across Westchester to become Open Hiring employers. The ideal candidates are organizations that offer entry-level work, possess an inclusive, supportive culture, and wish to jointly support the expansion of Open Hiring as a means to building strong local economies.

If you’re interested in learning more about our model, contact Sara Marcus at –

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