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Embracing Inclusive Leadership: Bringing Everyone to the Table

70% of Executives now say that diversity and inclusion are important issues to them, and 67% of job seekers say a diverse workforce is important when considering a job offer. Teams that experience their workplace as diverse and inclusive perform better and offer better innovation and decision making abilities. Crestcom faculty member and author of [...]

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Port Chester Adopts Village-Wide Form Based Zoning Code

Port Chester has approved a major overhaul to its zoning code, becoming the second municipality in the state to adopt a form-based zoning code. The new form-based zoning code was borne out of the Village’s 2012 Comprehensive Plan, which looked to replace its outdated 1975 zoning code with a new zoning code that [...]

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Cappelli Gets Preliminary Approval from New Rochelle IDA on North Avenue Apartments

The New Rochelle Industrial Development Agency granted preliminary approval Wednesday to The Cappelli Organization of White Plains for inducements on its proposed 28-story, 244 apartment-tower at 247 North Avenue. The $120 million project is between North Avenue and LeCount Place, and Huguenot and Main streets. It is near several other Cappelli structures, such [...]

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