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Connect with A Hidden Talent Pool of Professional Women

Why Explore Alternate Sources of Talent? In Westchester County, many factors such as the historically low unemployment rate, ongoing talent war, and focus on gender diversity all point to connecting leading companies with the Vermilion Talent community. About Vermilion Talent’s Job Board Vermilion Talent is pleased to announce the launch of a Job Board , [...]

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‘Just Add One’ Adds One More Award

The BCW is proud that the “Just Add One” program, which helps businesses expand and create more local jobs, has scored another victory, winning the Workforce Program Award from the New York Association of Training and Employment Professionals (NYATEP). The annual award was presented at the organization’s conference in Albany, New York. Caption Tere [...]

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Murphy Looking to Slash Red Tape

Kudos to State Senator Terrence Murphy who has taken out his cutting shears in the fight against government red tape, an issue the BCW has highlighted in its Annual Legislative Agenda. Murphy has proposed a bill that would make it easier for individuals, small businesses, local government and advocacy groups to get advance notice of [...]

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Fordham Westchester at 40

The Business Council strongly believes that a talented and educated workforce is vital to our region’s economic development. Westchester County is fortunate to have its share of excellent colleges and universities. One of the county’s prized institutions is Fordham Westchester, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this week with a reception at its West Harrison campus. [...]

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Astorino Talks Budget, Airport Deal and Trump

The importance of fiscally sound budgets and public/private partnerships in promoting economic development – an issue long advocated by the Business Council of Westchester - was the focus of a highly informative presentation to BCW members by County Executive Rob Astorino who outlined his 2017 County Budget and his future vision for funding the county’s [...]

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Wartburg Offers Free Fall/Winter Music Program

Wartburg, a senior service provider located in Mt. Vernon, introduces the “One Heart, One Voice Chorus,” an interactive choir for those living with Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia and their caregivers. Wartburg’s award-winning, internationally recognized Creative Aging & Lifelong Learning program is offering free classes on Mondays from September 12 to December 5 [...]

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TAMI Stands for the Future

From left, Manhattanville College President Michael Geisler; BCW Board Member Patricia Simone of Simone Development Companies; BCW President and CEO Marsha Gordon and featured speaker Michael Dunn, Senior Vice President – Innovation Department, Georgia-Pacific How the Internet is changing the way we live today and into the future was the topic of a [...]

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Let’s Set the Record Straight About IDAs

The BCW made its voice heard last week in a letter to the editor taking exception to a report in the Journal News/Lohud on the role that Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) play in spurring economic growth and creating jobs. The series “Taxed Off” looked at tax exemptions and how they impact the regular taxpayer. While [...]

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Big Changes in Store for Westchester County Airport

In a bold move that could have a major positive impact for our members and businesses across Westchester as well as travelers and taxpayers, County Executive Rob Astorino has proposed an innovative public-private partnership to operate the County Airport. BCW President and CEO Marsha Gordon represented the Westchester business community at the press conference held [...]

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Get an Insider’s Look at the County Budget from the County Executive

Robert P. Astorino, Westchester County Executive Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino will get up close and personal with BCW members on November 16 when he makes his first presentation to the business community of his 2017 county budget. Astorino has agreed to give us an inside look at how he developed the [...]

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